Attendance App


It is an application that allow school management to follow up a student case during school day directly through a simple way by registering student’s attendance inside classrooms which has great effect to see how student is committed to attend his lessons and this affects positively students’ academic achievement and helps in accurate follow up of students behavior inside school building and how they are committed to school regulations.

Also it allows teacher to have full time to follow up students’ behavior to create an attractive environment inside school building.

It allows school management to print immediate reports of students’ daily attendance in addition to classroom attendance and issuing many other types of reports i.e. behavior, medical, exit permission and signing accepted excuses etc… Also the school management can communicate with parents through private messages and this application allows parent to follow up his son’s page and communicate with school management.

It also provides special department to follow up students’ activities, notes, reviews about them in addition to another department for our students which include educational contents (audio and video) for different subjects.

Version History
  • Validate the role of the Psychologist in following up students and communicating with parents.
  • Enabling to attach photos with private messages or communicating directly with parents.
  • Schools are allowed to register directly through this application.
  • This system can work without internet (offline).
  • Improving application performance in general.